In this episode of Art on the Island, Maureen Bader interviews Jane Newman. Jane is relatively new to Cortes, having moved here in 2017. Jane came from Banff and worked at the Banff Center, but wanted a change to a more favourable climate and a new start.

Maureen Bader
Jane Newman on Art on the Island

Jane started out writing, but as a new mother was inspired by scribbling and now considers herself an abstract artist. Jane is now working in assemblage and mixed media as a creatologist. Listen as Jane explains what that means. 

Jane is primarily self taught, and her style has developed over time and is ever changing. It reflects her personality, as she loves variety, to explore materials and incorporate the found objects she collects.  

Listen how Jane describes the difference between assemblage and collage. Her work varies tremendously in size, often depending on the space she has available to work, or the type of objects she has found. Jane talks about what inspires her and what she is trying to achieve in metal or in the other found objects in the natural world.

Jane is trying to express the energy of the land and how we live in a consume-and-dispose society, but how we can transcend that if we want to. 

Production and marketing challenges are a bit different for Jane as a new resident. She came with supplies and finds much of her input in nature. She is also waiting to start marketing her work but plans to do that soon.   

You can see Jane’s work at