There are a lot of changes at Cortes Radio this fall.


Four of Cortes Radio’s better known DJs are back. Greg Osaba is bringing  Lunchtime Locomotion and can now be heard Thursdays from 11 AM to 1 PM. It has been a long time coming, but George SIrk is bringing Nature Boy back as of October 7th. Some of you may remember “Girl Crush” from 2010. Jen Mi is back and her show now airs Wednesdays at 1 PM. Those of you who have been listening to CKTZ, from the beginning may remember Dorst Boswell.

There are two new DJs. Darwin Olmstead has a Punk New Wave show. Phil Bell has a Vancouver musicians show Tuesdays ay 3:30. with people he knows. There are also a couple of new shows in the works. 

Talk Shows

As some of you may be aware, Listening In, Folk U and Cortes Currents have been partnered for some time - which is why they can also be found under the Radio tab at Cortes In addition, Odette Auger, De Clarke, Francesca Gesualdi, Manda Aufochs Gillespie, Roy L Hales, Max Thaysen and Tara Warkentin are, or have been, part of the Cortes Currents team that has been producing programs for Local Journalism Initiative since February 1, 2020. You can see their contributions on Cortes (under Currents), Cortes (click on their names above) and the National LJI website, Three recent additions to the CKTZ’s Cortes Currents line-up:

  • On August 24th Cortes Radio started producing short Daily News clips (aired daily, but added as needed)
  • As of Saturday, September 12th, Manda is producing a series of two hour long Folk U interview programs for the LJI initiative, which can also be found under the Currents tab on this website and added to the Folk U tab on Cortes They are broadcast in CKTZ’s regular Folk U radio slot, Fridays 1-3 PM; repeating Sat 5-7 PM.
  • As of Saturday, September 19th, Cortes Currents will be also be broadcasting news from across Canada, produced by other radio stations in the LJI initiative. They will be part of the Cortes Currents program: Saturdays 1-2 PM; repeating Wed 9-10 AM.


Cortes Radio is still seeking donations. Money is trickling in. We will most likely keep seeking additional funding as long as COVID is active and we cannot hold events like the Lip Sync or Cabaret.

Emergency Communications

The station is close to being able to install a back-up system. There will be more details in the months to come. 

Two key members of our team have moved to Campbell River. Barry and Amanda Glickman helped bring our MOU with the Strathcona Regional District, pertaining to emergency communications, into being. Up until recently, they also led Cortes Radio’s emergency communication’s team and were instrumental in negotiating our MOU with the Strathcona Regional District, as well as acquiring technology like the packet communications system and Radio in a BoxLorne Gottschewski, the host of Eclectic Selection, has agreed to become the new head of our emergency communications team. 

Leadership stepping Back

Two of Cortes Radio’s leaders will be stepping back. 

Howie Roman has been the public face of Cortes Radio almost from the beginning, and our station manager since 2008 ans wants to step back. Cortes Radio will start seeking someone to take his place sometime in the months to come. Howie will continue to co-host Anything Goes and be involved in the station.

This is also Roy Hales fifth year on the board which, according to our constitution, means Cortes Radio will need a new President as of the next AGM (Spring 2021). He will continue to be involved with Cortes Currents.    

Our new Special Projects Volunteer

Cortes radio has a new Special Projects Volunteer. Bryan McKinnon is the former President, and a former project manager,  of Vancouver Coop Radio. He has been helping out with public relations, fundraising and financial matters.