Come along for another audio exploration of Cortes Island’s past. In the third season, we explore a series of anecdotes ranging from the experiences of early homesteaders, to a resident bank robber, the birth of a new baby and raising the roof on Manson’s Hall. These brief episodes feature dramatized voices from the past with archive recordings of music from the “Old Timers”, a dance band that played locally for several decades. A joint project of Cortes Community Radio and Cortes Island Museum and ArchivesVintage Vignettes 26 -35.

Episodes #32 & #33 are still in production and will be added when they are available.

Episode 26

Ken & Hazel Hansen

In 1955, Hazel and Ken Hansen and their family moved to Linnaea farm on Cortes Island. A tale of free range cattle, wolves and cougars.

Episode 27

Student days In The 1950s

Frank Hayes remembers his student days at Manson’s landing in the 1950s.

Episode 28

The Bank Robber

In 1947, Lorn Musclow was forced to move out of his his rental accommodations, to make way for summer tourists. The only house he could find was Herb Wilson’s vacant place in Cortes Bay. That’s where he came across an account of Wilson’s exploits as a bank robber, and found out why he moved to Salt Spring Island. This episode also includes the story from Musclow’s time on a police boat.

Episode 29


Robby Graham describes the complications involved with his son Victor’s birth, including a flight to the hospital in Campbell River.

Episode 30

Homesteading In 1909

Excerpts from John Lambert’s diary about homesteading at Sutil Point in 1909. A number of other local settlers are mentioned.

Episode 31

Sinking Of The Cheslakee

Jan 7, 1913 - The steamer “Cheslakee”, en route from Vancouver, caught in a squall and sank while trying to dock at Texada Island. Miss Mary Pepper, a Cortes Island school teacher, was among the seven people drowned.

Episode 34

Granny Hague

Women could not apply for preemptions In 1894. So Lydia Hague applied for a one using her husband’s name. Other anecdotes: Henry’s hideaway (away from his wife); Lydia starts building Hague house; planting the orchards; the clam cannery; growing potatoes; midwifery.

Episode 35

Raising The Roof On Manson’s Hall

David Rousseau remembers raising the roof on Manson’s Hall in the late 1970s.

Photo Credits: (top) Adapted from the front & back covers of Herbert Emerson Wilson (& Thomas P. Kelley) “I Stole $16,000,000” by Roy L Hales; Whaletown General Store as “Petrie’s Trading Post,” 1945: Photographs and Stories, Whaletown 1931–1949 - Courtesy
Cortes Island Museum & Archive Socity Album.

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