The audio exploration of Cortes Island’s past continues. In season two, Vintage Vignettes looks at hunting whales, murder, the origins of Gorge Hall, Various experiences of life in the 1930s, 40s, 50s & 60s. These brief episodes feature dramatized voices from the past with archive recordings of music from the “Old Timers”, a dance band that played locally for several decades. A joint project of Cortes Community Radio and Cortes Island Museum and ArchivesVintage Vignettes 19 -25.

Episode 19

Gorge Hall

How Gorge Hall was built; The dramatic society in 1933; The Great Depression declared “over.”

Episode 20

Larry Borland Describes The 1950s

The two way radio at Manson’s Landing; Arrival of the island party line; Cortes Days; Friday Night Movies; Dances.

Episode 21

Summers on Von Donop in the 1950s

Shirley Ellingsen describes summers on Von Donop Inlet in the 1950s: Fishing off the float; Walking on the mud flats; Birds; The Chum salmon run; Bonfires on the beach; Wildflowers; Clowns and Ice Cream At Picnics.

Episode 22

Gardens At Von Donop In The 1940s

In the 1940s, the woman of Von Donop took over vacated the Buyer and McKay homesteads to planted gardens. Picking starfish; Visits to Whaletown; May Ellingsen loses her engagement ring.

Episode #23

Summertime Gatherings In The 1960s

Mary Block recalls summertime gatherings at Sutil Point in 1960s; the Kids Contest; Smelt Bay barbecues; kids games & adult contests.

Episode #24

Whaling In 1869

In September 1869, Abel Douglas writes the Victoria Colonist to describe his experiences on board the whaling schooner “Kate”. Running ashore on Marina Island; the Whaling station on Cortes Island; Hunting Humpback whales.

Episode #25

Murder of Reverend Harper Nixon

The murder of reverend Harper Nixon in July 1915, as told by voice actors portraying May Ellingsen and Michael Manson.

Photo Credits: (top) Manson’s Landing Post Office, ca. 1940 - C.R. 13595 - Courtesy Cortes Museum & Archives Society (CIMAS) Albums; (bottom) Children and adults participated in races held at community picnics in Squirrel Cove, ca. 1933. George Ewart’s store and boarding house in the background is still in use today as a store and home. #2004.003.071 - Courtesy CIMAS Albums

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